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SEO search engine optimization

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important aspects of a webmasters role, the techniques are required to drive traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings in Google and increase the viability of your website online.

All this needs to be done so that visitors can find your website and read through the content, with out any search engine optimization the possibility of people finding your website online are going to be very low.

There are two important aspects of search engine optimization, on page SEO is all about your websites content, meta tags, image alt tags, menu structure and most importantly using the correct keywords for your website.

With on page search engine optimization the first place to start is finding the correct keywords for your website, this can be achieved through the Google keyword planner a free tool provided by Google, you need to use both long tail keywords and short tail keywords, say you are selling shoes a short tail keyword could be mens shoes and long tail phrase could be Nike mens running shoes.

These key words and phrases then need to be used through your website in the urls and menus and if possible in the domain name of your website, crucial keywords also need to be incorporated into the websites content like articles and product promotions etc which will then be indexed by search engines. 

Other important aspects of search engine optimization include website backlinks and this technique together with the other techniques will guarantee better Google ranking, a back link is your websites url this could be a url to articles on your website or your domain url that is displayed on other websites apart from your own that link back to the content on your website and these backlinks need to be natural from other users and not purchased from a backlink website that sells them for money, a great solution for on page search engine optimization is Seo Powersuite.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

The other important aspect is off page search engine optimization, this includes building an audience and actively engaging with them through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, off page SEO is crucial for business websites to help market your products and services.

With off page search engine optimization the best place to start is the three popular social media websites of Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, using the sign up form for each social media website list as a business account or brand account, business account only for a legitimate business and brand account for most other websites, when you post new content on your website also post to these social accounts and link back to the article or content on your website, this gives you fantastic exposure for no cost and if you want to reach more people you can use the social media through paid advertising.

Search engines can read text very well and the spiders that crawl your websites content can determine if your content is useful to readers or not of any use at all, if you write interesting content about your choosen subject then the spiders and Google will rank your website better than other websites with less helpful content in them, images on your website need to have the ALT tag to describe what the image is as the spiders canot read the image but they can read the ALT tag which should also contain the keyword for the content that contains the image.

Another great search engine optimization technique that only a few webmasters use is to engage in online communities or forums that relate to your websites content or for business websites communities that relate to your business products or services, by engaging on these forums you can respond to posts on the community website and leave a link in the post back to relative content on your own website or if the community allows a signature on your profile then leave your websites domain on your profile page for marketing and off page search engine optimization we recommend SEM Rush



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