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Web Hosting New Zealand

Web Hosting For New Zealand Websites

What is web hosting and why you need a hosting provider to host your website, web hosting providers offer a range of hosting plans that provide a variety of features depending on your selection and the cost of the plan.

For each type of hosting service that they provide there is usually at least three or more pricing levels for each type of service this is to accommodate various budgets for customers to make a choice from. 

The main requirement for a great hosting plan is not just the price, if you just fixate your self on finding the cheapest hosting plan for the type of hosting service that you require you may not be getting the hosting service that is right for you.

Great customer support should be at the top of the list, and the ability and time for the hosting company to fix any problems is important a good idea is to read customer reviews on the hosting providers website for more information.

For New Zealand websites that will be sending customers private details over the internet or for online stores providing a payment portal, then online security is a major consideration, SSL certificates are important they provide a secure environment for customers and website visitors while online and protect sensitive information so when you set up your website remember to purchase an SSL certificate for your online security these are usually available from your chosen hosting provider.

You will need to sort out what requirements you and your website will need to run effectively, web hosting accounts can be purchased in managed and unmanged hosting services, read this article for a more detailed explanation on managed or unmanaged hosting, do you require more than one email address as some hosting providers will only allow for one email address while others will allow unlimited email accounts.Many hosting plans these days come standard with SSD drives these drives are more efficient and deliver faster page loading speeds than other types of hard drives so you need to work out the requirements for your website before you purchase any plans.

For websites that are allowing a high traffic flow through like in an E Commerce website or some other type of online store selling down loadable media like video, the amount of bandwidth that your hosting account allows is going to be very important as media like video and high resolution images take up huge amounts of bandwidth and disk space, most likely with this type of website you will be looking at a Dedicated Server or Cloud hosting for your website, usually these accounts allow more than enough bandwidth for any large online store and the plans are usually scalable to accommodate business growth when needed. 

Shared Hosting

With Shared web hosting you share a server with other similar websites sometimes hundreds of other websites so the server is not going to be blazing fast as other websites will slow the server down with traffic and data transfer the maintenance and the running costs of the server are shared around with the other website owners on your server, this way the hosting companies can offer a great price on shared hosting services shared web hosting is the least expensive hosting service available.

With shared hosting there are usually restrictions on some of the resources that are allocated to your hosting plan these are usually bandwidth and disk space on the server, when these allowances are broken you may see a performance drop in your website, your bandwidth is reset each month when your plan subscription is due, bandwidth is the allowed uploading and downloading of data through your account and if you keep exceeding this limit your hosting provider will usually inform you to upgrade to a more suitable hosting account. we recommend Siteground shared plans

Shared hosting is suitable for personal websites and small static business websites, that are not selling products online with a low to medium traffic flow

VPS Hosting 

Do you own a business, a popular blog with increasing visitor numbers or an online forum with thousands of members, then you will be looking for a great VPS hosting plan, A Virtual Private Server is the next step up with a greater performance increase than shared hosting and better reliability, the VPS server is divided up into separate virtual machines, so each website runs independent with out interference from other websites, providing a more stable hosting environment and allowing an increase in traffic through the site.

VPS hosting plans are available in both managed and self managed, the managed as the name implies are set up ready to go by Hosting technicians, self managed you need to set up the software and server etc your self this is great if you know what to do, if not you need to purchase the managed plans, it could be best described like buying a new computer already to plug and play verses buying all the components your self then building and programing the new computer, a VPS server will give you a good balance between the slower shared hosting and the more expensive dedicated servers. We recommend Inmotion Hosting VPS Plans

VPS hosting is suitable for business websites, online forum websites, large blogs and small to medium sized online shops, you get more security and performance than shared hosting.

Dedicated Servers

For eCommerce websites, large businesses and corporates or niche content distributors like selling online video or other media you are going to be looking for a dedicated server that will provide you with the resources that your website needs to run effectively, websites that require a dedicated server will be experiencing high or increasing traffic loads, high data transfer with video downloads or image downloads etc, so you need the top tier in hosting and a dedicated hosting plan.

These types of servers are not cheap to rent, but with a dedicated server you own or rent your own private server no other websites are hosted on your server, the only load on the server is your own website and you have total control of the features that are provided with the very best hosting money can buy with dedicated servers you are getting the best secure hosting available as well, dedicated servers are available in fully managed or self managed configurations depending on your experience level.

For large businesses customer support and technical support is very important, they need to respond to any customer difficulties in a very short amount of time, through online chat, usually the fastest response time, they should also provide a ticket system but ticketing is a little slower or if you are located in there country you can report problems over the phone however online chat is the best way to go, a dedicated server is the most reliable and secure type of hosting service that is available today. We recommend Siteground for High Performance Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are for businesses, eCommerce websites, Corporate websites and websites that need the very best hosting services available

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a great alternative to the dedicated server as the cost of Cloud hosting is less expensive than a dedicated hosting service, a Cloud service is a group of servers working together and located in various cities or countries around the world, your data is stored on all the servers within the group and when a persons browser asks for a web page it is retrieved from the nearest server to the person requesting the page so a cloud hosting service is both fast and reliable as your data is backed up on several Cloud servers. 

The cost of renting a Cloud hosting service is half of what dedicated service costs so a Cloud service is a great choice for large business websites and also for websites selling goods online and for sites selling down loadable media like video or images that take up a large bandwidth, Cloud hosting also handles high traffic flows with ease and retains great reliability and performance for any website. We Recommend Siteground Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is recommended for medium to large businesses, eCommerce websites online forums and as a cost effective alternative to a dedicated server

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